About Me

Hi! I'm Sama, a freelance digital artist, illustrator and occasional bird-whisperer, based in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2011, I finished my Bachelors in Digital Art (Games Design) at RMIT and I thought I'd become a concept artist and games designer, but changed direction and did teaching. I found teaching didn't quite fit, so I decided to permanently go freelance and dedicate myself to digital illustration and pursuing my dream of publishing my own webcomic. Fingers crossed, we'll see how that goes--- but do stick around and check out my blog! I've got some good stuff.

Some of my many skills include:
Digital illustration, drawing, procrastinating, 3D modelling, avoiding telemarketers, video editing, polymer clay sculpting, writing, graphic design, fixing things, playing video games, making depressing wish lists on Ebay, taking to my bird Skittles as though he's a human being... and, uh, drawing some more.