Digital Art [Mermaid and Giant Eel] - Progress 1

I started off with a superr pencil rough sketch and then scanned it onto my computer. I was originally going to ink in Photoshop, but since I was having problems with the pressure of my intuos pro pen dropping in and out >-<, I decided to ink in Manga Studio.

From a rough pencil sketch to clean lines!

From a rough pencil sketch to clean lines!

After working on it in Manga Studio for so long, I honestly fell in love with how amazingly smooth and precise the lines turn out in MS. I also played around with the double line layer style in MS and it was perfect for those fiddly little coral reef details. (those seaweed-y things that look like grass ...ahem)

Talking about coral reefs... Drawing those corals and reefy bits was the biggest migraine I've ever experienced. I just lost it; I drew all sorts of odds bits and spots and dots, squiggly lines and chunky blobs, trying to get that legit coral reef effect. I think it turned out pretty good and to be honest, when it comes to reefs, I think anything goes haha. You could make any odd shape and it will look pretty decent. Though, I did use reference pictures of real coral reefs so it didn’t turn out ridiculously abstract.

The mermaid and eel were fun to do, but for the eel, I had originally thought of using a Dragon Eel for reference and I thought those odd spots on its skin would look good, but they didn’t… they didn’t at all. So I scrapped the spots and kept the general silhouette and little details. I love eels, it turns out, I hadn’t even realised they pop up everywhere in my art.

For the mermaid, I wanted her to look natural and gave her little organic details of things growing on her arms and seaweed hair and a kind of sea snake pattern along her tail.

So far though, it’s not finished and I’m currently going through the colour testing phase. Trying to come up with complementary colours for the blue background, and I think I will go with oranges, browns, greens, yellows and reds for the most part.  

Thank you for checking out this post! I'll continue to work on this picture and will update soon.

Stay tuned for more!



PS: I'm so glad I've finally managed to get my site up and running! I was worried I'd never be able to start blogging haha.