Digital Art [The Witches Room]

This drawing had been sitting on my hard drive for so so many moons. I neglected it cause Photoshop was driving me up the wall with lag, but I decided this past few weeks to just fix that... and uh, to reduce canvas size. It's such an obvious fix, but for some reason I'm obsessed with having large files. Ahem.

This was a lot of fun to do though because I've never done something so complicated before with so many layers and details. I started by making a really rough skeleton in Google Sketchup and then popping that dodgy thing into manga studio and working on top of that. It worked out pretty good! Here's the process:

And some close up shots:

The Final Image! I put a couple of interesting things in there: a snake, a werewolf's hand, a jar of eyeballs and a tiny octopus.