Humpback Whale Mural [Commission]

An awesome friend was able to refer me to someone looking to have a mural done for her son’s bedroom. I was so excited to be given this opportunity! My client wanted a humpback whale mural inspired by the whale mural from San Francisco. It needed to be one of a kind and unique, while also staying true to my client’s vision of the beautiful flying whale, with colourful fish and an overall dreamy atmosphere.

It was a new and exciting experience because I’d never done a mural before and I knew I wouldn’t be painting it. Instead I wanted to create it digitally and then have it printed, this way it would be more affordable and easily to edit and change. We started off with getting the right measurements for the wall, and then we worked up a concept. She wanted a mother and baby whale and the silhouette of Melbourne in the background and lots of colourful fishes.

Can you say overkill haha? But I wanted everything to be perfect and precise!

Can you say overkill haha? But I wanted everything to be perfect and precise!

From there, I got to work searching and questioning and finding quotes for affordable printers who could print and install murals. I was able to find a fantastic affordable printer who could print and install the mural.

After that, the design process started and I hopped into photoshop and made a huge file. Because I’m all about the huge files, not so much the lag tho. But working on such a large scale in photoshop wasn’t too hard because I came up with a pretty good system of having every little element on a different file. And even then it wasn’t the size of the wall, but big enough to make sure when it finally went up on the wall it looked crisp and detailed.

I did lots of research into fishes and used references to make sure everything looked realistic and believable, and I documented some of the process on my instagram. It turned out so amazingly! Bright blue and the colours are saturated and everything looks so crisp and I’m very proud of the whole thing. It was a couple months of work, but we did it!

If you would like to contact me for a mural commission, or any custom design/art work, please let me know! I'd be glad to make your vision come to life. You can contact me on any of my social media platforms.

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