[Writing] The Journey

This is a short story I came up with for a challenge on Redbubble, it's meant to go with my piece titled 'The Journey'.

As a warrior and a leader, she was not about to admit defeat and the quickest way to win was with a trap. They had been traveling for days along the river’s edge, slowly leading those that hunted them, and finally decided to rest at an abandoned house.
The old house seemed to be a common place to rest, as there was an old wooden bench inside and moldy blankets. She unfurled the map they’d been using and placed it on the bench, whacking away a spider in the process.
She stared at the map for a moment and scratched her chin.
“If I’m going to die today, I expect to be paid.” She said, looking at her companion with a smile. Her companion nodded, “I trust you. You’ve saved my life countless times….here,” he emptied a small pouch of gold coins onto the map. “I’m sorry. This is all I have.”
She grabbed his shoulder, “It’s more than enough, child.”
“Now,” She pressed a gloved finger to the map. “Let them dare try and cross me,” she grinned dangerously, and scooped up the gold coins strewn across the table. “Let’s go. We’re heading North."