Frequently Asked Questions

What is your name?
My name is Sama! Like the season, only not.

Where are you based?
I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

Where did you learn to draw?
I was encouraged a lot to draw since a young age and that encouragement nurtured in me a great love and passion for art. In university, I learned some digital art techniques, but for the most part drawing regularly by myself and learning and watching other artists online, while also looking and analysing references has helped me improve a lot.

What do you use to make your art?
I usually do some rough pencil sketches (thumbnails) to come up with a decent picture, then sometimes scan them in to either Photoshop or Manga Studio. Sometimes, I skip thumbnailing and sketch directly into those programs.

What’s you process for making art from start to finish?
Once I’ve scanned my pictures or done a rough sketch in either Manga Studio or Photoshop, I edit the scan slightly, tweak and increase contrast and then to start inking in all the lines on a separate layer. As I go, I’ll rotate the image, flip it, use references if I need and fix anything that looks out of place. After all the lines are done, I pop it into Photoshop (if I’m using Manga Studio) and on a new layer, I’ll start shading it in grayscale to make it pop, adding lights and shadows where appropriate. After that, I’ll try a colour test on separate layers and play around with different moods. Once all the colours are in, I start the fun part, which is adding different textures and patterns and little tweaks and making everything richer and more detailed. After I finish all that, I flatten everything and increase sharpness and then I’m done!

Can you do a commission for me?
Yes! I'm currently open for commissions. Contact me on social media or my facebook page if you would like a mural done, artwork, illustration or anything similar.